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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

December 9th

Tiffany Murphy, also our guest artist.

November 4th

My wife and I served in the Army for over 24 years. After retirement

and college, we started Craft That Wood as a family owned business to offer folks uniquely customizable handcrafted wooden collectibles at a very affordable price. Owning an artistic product that you had a hand in designing is very fulfilling. Our hope is that the community will appreciate the arts more and come together to support artistic


Jade Maroon is growing into a revolutionary matriarch and critical pedagogue who seeks and stands in solidarity with people liberating ourselves and the planet from oppressive powers, designing and building our own grassroots institutions, built by, and for the people, to serve the people! #MaroonPartyForLiberation #UZN

Daryle Halbert was born and raised in Detroit Michigan. At an early age, Daryle showed a strong interest in art. He received his Bachelors in FIne Arts from the College of Art and Design followed by his Masters at Howard University. Since graduating from Howard, he has received several rewards, completed Public Mural pieces, started his organization PATHS

(Public Arts for Health and Stability) and partnering with programs including UP (Unlocking Potential). Daryle continues creating art and public pieces of artwork while living in South, Carolina.

Previous Guests

October 28th

Victoria Rae Moore is a writer, producer, and facilitator exploring identity and challenging the status quo in her season of discovery. She is passionate about intergenerational wisdom, creative expression and how we relate with each other as people. Victoria is a multi-racial black woman native to Charleston, SC, with black and indigenous roots also in Georgia and Alabama. A former musical theater performer and life-long personal journal keeper, Victoria studied dance at Charleston County School of the Arts before earning a BA in journalism and mass communications from the University of South Carolina.

Elder Carlie Towne is a producer, play-write, poet, historian, TV host and narrator.  She is  Director of The Gullah/Geechee Angel Network and Minister of Information for The Gullah/Geechee Nation. Elder Carlie Towne works hard in our communities to retain Gullah/Geechee Culture and knowledge all while using Art as a tool for Social Change. Currently she is leading the restoration and construction of a cultural learning center called “Yenna Chiren House.” It will be located in Charleston County, SC within the Gullah/Geechee Nation.  Learn more about her and projects at

Rain Rainey currently focuses on crafting coffee drinks, working on "I Like My Tea Sweet" (podcast) and '843?' (zine) with Aysha Bowens and TINYisPOWERFUL. They love pastel colors, collecting pins and collaboration on fulfilling projects. This year they are paying more attention to sustainability and spirituality and how these concepts influence other aspects of life. 

Aysha Bowens is a black Charleston native who is a creative, advocate, and life long student. She recently graduated as the Valedictorian of Burke High School in Charleston, SC. She is currently a student at North Carolina A & T pursuing a degree in English with a concentration in Education to become a High School English Teacher. Her passion in English and Education is currently motivating her to serve as an advocate for an equitable education for all. 

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