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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

December 9th

This country is not designed for any other than the hand picked "elite"

November 4th

Our country is in a state of Urgency. Change is a must not an option. Our Leadership decides the fate of the masses. Will it continue to be money swaying decisions and the treatment of individuals or will people in power gain a moral compass?

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October 28th

The Expendable

We sacrifice our lives

Loose time with our husband's, friends, children and wives

Only to be treated like dirt and told many lies

We equip our nation with knowledge 

Ready not for war but college

Or perhaps the next super star, president, inventor or vassalage

We rise up and step in from day break til day end

Only to be cast out and shunned in our hour of need discarded like the world's greatest sin

And even then 

We still armor up and scrub in 

Sacrificing our lives for this nations children

Unlike what's said in the Color Purple , "even sinners have soul"

Its clear educators aren't even worth an ounce of gold

Our nation's leaders wouldn't even pass us on to the lowest bidder

They cast us out hoping the ditch feasts on these "critters"

We protect, teach, love, inform and transform 

Yet we are abandoned by our nation to which we are sworn

Despite our loyalty we are certainly not treated like royalty 

Our only present from our president is continued enslavement and poverty 

When a child is lost, and in need of guidance or a family is being divided 

It is a teacher's love that keeps them top sided 

It is the teacher that fills hearts with hopes and dreams

The teacher we all know will always be on your team

It is the teacher that fuels creativity and passion and many time shields our children from a lashing

But despite being the first and last one in line, standing at your back, front and side

Despite unlocking and building minds

At our most critical time the teacher is sacrificed and crucified 

Just another example in America when the elite's money has more value than lives

Fact, In March our Nation reached a peak for a crippling pandemic that we have yet to comprehend the true overall impacts it will have on "our" Nation. Fact, this pandemic forced us to begin impromptu virtual learning in the Spring. Fact, Educators all over the country immediately jumped in and quickly changed over to this virtual learning in order to protect self and children hoping to slow or eliminate Covid-19. Fact, Center of Disease officials stated case numbers would peak in the fall during flu season. Fact, case numbers and death rates continue to increase each day. This October we reached a record of the highest number of cases within a day. Fact, in the Spring "our" Nation surpassed case numbers within other countries putting us #1 in the world for Covid-19. Fact, political officials including members on the CCSD board stated Educators were not inclined to return to in-person learning if they felt uncomfortable or case numbers continued to increase. Fact, despite case numbers continuing to increase daily, schools were reopened this fall. Fact, since the start of school case number for children have grown. Fact, several Educators have not only been infected but have passed away since the return to school. Fact, CCSD has opened all schools and are increasing the number of children in-person throughout October, 2020. Fact, Educators opinions and discomfort continues to be dismissed, as a result many, myself included, have been forced to resign due to fear of infection, lack of hazard pay, being placed on unpaid medical leave or denied medical leave and inefficient responses to Covid-19 cases in school. This is barely a glimpse of what is truly happening to Educators throughout "our" Nation. How many more will loose their jobs or lives before this pandemic ends. Yes Covid-19 is reeking havoc in our lives, but it is also exposing many truths including the fact that Educators are not truly valuable to "our" Nation and are expendable.

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