Ignite Your Inner Shero

​D.R.I.V.E.N., LLC is made up of a very diverse network of talented women, all committed to empowering and educating women to their maximum potential while building our sisterhood. We believe that in order to uplift the community, we must uplift one another.

Life Coaching 

We work side by side with you on your journey. As you step into your success, you will endure many changes and challenges. Those changes can be overwhelming. With our team, we will be your support system and be there to empower you through the emotional highs and lows, provide stress relief tips, and encourage you to be your very best. 


The  best way to grow your success is through networking and resources. We will connect you to other individuals and organizations that will help you reach your maximum potential. 

Team Building

As you expand, so does your team. It is important to have a strong team and a positive atmosphere to be a successful entrepreneur. We will come to your work place and create a program specifically designed to enhance your team.